Payment per job

Your account will be credited several times a day, depending on how fast your computer completes jobs.

Paypal payouts

LoadTeam uses PayPal instant payouts, which are supported in over 150 countries.

Low minimum payout

You can withdraw your money as soon as you reach $1.
The money is instantly sent to your PayPal account.

No transfer fees

The balance you see on your account is what you get.
We even pay the PayPal transfer fee for you.


LoadTeam is gentle on your computer.
You should hardly notice any difference in your computer's performance when LoadTeam is running.


LoadTeam uses the latest security standards to make sure your computer and personal information are safe.
No viruses, no malware, no spyware.

Multiple computers

You can run LoadTeam on as many computers as you wish, all under the same username.


Check your account, balance, statement, update your profile details and even withdraw money using your favourite mobile phone.

Terms and Conditions
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