Truly distributed

LoadTeam is the only load testing service designed from scratch to be 100% distributed.
We guarantee that all requests to your website come from unique IP addresses.

Pay per test

No subscriptions.
No contracts.
No auto-renew.
Withdraw unused funds whenever you want.

Fast test starts

No need to wait for virtual machines to boot up.
All the machines needed to run your test are warmed up and ready to go.

Modern web browser

LoadTeam Windows client uses Chromium, the same browser engine that powers Google Chrome. Your tests are guaranteed to use the latest and greatest HTML5 features.

Simple test results

Real-time test results are displayed in a single page that is easy to understand.
You can interact with the results and also download your test results in CSV format to analyse them later.

No fuss

We are good at generating loads of real, truly distributed traffic to your website and giving you the results in a way that is simple and easy to understand.
We don't try to be all things to all people. If you need a deeper understanding of what specific parts of your code need tweaking, you need a dedicated service. We highly recommend New Relic.



Cloud infrastructure used by traditional load testing sites can be expensive. In fact, virtual machines are commissioned just before test starts and then decommissioned once the test is completed.
The result is a test that is costly and slow to start.
LoadTeam uses desktop PCs from real people around the world. Users get paid to run tests, so everybody wins.

Quiet client app

The LoadTeam Windows client uses processor power not used by applications, making it ideal for users wanting to make a bit more money out of their computers without needing to stop what they are doing while tests are being executed.


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