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What is LoadTeam?

LoadTeam is website load testing the way it should be: real world, geographically distributed computers running full-stack browsers ready to find out the limits of your site.

Why LoadTeam?

"Traditional" load testing sites use cloud-based virtual machines to load test your website. One problem with this approach is that all requests sent to your site come from one or a few cloud computers. A single network bottleneck between the testing virtual machines and your website means you will never know how many users your website can take. Another problem is that full-stack web browsers that support modern HTML5 technologies such as Ajax, WebGL, video, require a lot of memory and processing power, which can be expensive even for the cloud and that cost is passed on to you. In fact - in order to save costs - traditional load testing services commission virtual machines just before a test starts and then decommission them once the test completes. It means you have to wait a long time until all virtual machines are booted up before your test starts.

LoadTeam is different: your test is going to be run by real, geographically distributed end-user computers. Testers get paid to run tests, so everybody wins.

How does it work?

LoadTeam employs lots of testers around the world. Each tester downloads a copy of LoadTeam client software which runs quietly in the background waiting for new tests to be run. When a load test is submitted to LoadTeam, a request is sent to testers and they all test your website, simultaneously. Testers get paid to run tests. Our community of testers is huge and it keeps growing!


Load testing as easy as 1, 2, 3

Enter website

Enter the address of the website you want to test.
Remember, your site will be tested by a fully capable browser, which supports features such as Ajax, video, HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Customise test

Select the number of testers, test duration and a script to run once your website is loaded.
You can also specify if you want a gradual ramp-up in user numbers or an "all-at-once" approach.

Watch results

Watch in real time how your website handles the load generated by LoadTeam.
Once the test is completed, you can see recommendations on how to improve your website's performance.





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