Frequently asked questions by clients

Q: I ordered a test with 10 testers but only 9 completed the test. Why?

A: LoadTeam selects the testers from the top of the queue, but sometimes the LoadTeam client software may not complete the test for various reasons, for example, when a user inadvertently turning off the computer just before the test runs. On average, the number of testers that complete the test should be pretty high, though.

Q: What is the queue and how does it work?

A: When a LoadTeam client orders a load test, the computers that will run the test are selected from a queue. Computers waiting for the longest are the first ones in the queue, on a "first in, first served" basis. Testers join the queue when they start their Windows app and leave when the application is closed. Computers also leave the queue when running a load test and re-join the queue (at the back) when the load test is completed.


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